• dingherdiana

Abstract painting (2)

There are different ways of painting abstract, using tools like knives, brushes, rollers, squeegees, but very important is it makes possible the unlimited use of colors. Abstract painting is the most free style of painting and lets us choose and build our own working manner. Either we work with a certain tool, or we combine two or more tools there’s no limitation in abstract painting and this is its particularity, it finds its beauty in painter’s eye and in his impetus and reactions to what he instantly works at. The use of colors is very important and might give birth to something original and lively, or on the contrary to something tiring or even boring, lacking in catchiness or surprise. Colors should be carefully managed, but feeling them and answering to them while we do the painting is significant. Paintings should catch viewers’ attention, they should inspire, bring a smile or a lit on their faces and this can easily be accomplished through proper and in the same time original combination of colors. A painter has to search for a direction while painting, but has also to follow colors’ reaction, to be fully present and create using technique, imagination, daring and colors harmoniously combined.

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